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The Stewardship of Creation Committee of the Diocese of Virginia announced at its annual Conference on September 10, 2011, that it would be launching a blog on its Website that would provide for ongoing coverage of topics relevant to the Committee’s mission.  Tal Day, Vice Chair of the Committee, explained the reason for the blog as follows:

“There are abundant resources on the Web that cover environmental issues in both general terms and in depth.  There are in addition initiatives and resources originating in other dioceses and in the faith community more broadly that the blog may help make more available to churches in the Diocese and others interested in the work of the Committee.  The blog should provide a convenient means for churches to stay up to date on environmental developments and on developments in the Interfaith community specifically pertinent to their church mission.

“The blog should also help promote more sharing among churches of ideas and experience. Since 1992, the Committee has published newsletters, distributed email blasts, and, through members, furnished 1-on-1 technical assistance to churches on building energy conservation and other concerns.  Because a blog provides for 2-way communications, through comments on blog posts, the Committee hopes that it will help in spreading more widely information about programs that have been successful and in evaluating environmental developments that should be of concern.”

The two most recent annual Conferences sponsored by the Committee have addressed the sustainability of Virginia’s water supply.  At its 2011 Conference on September 10, the Committee announced that the 2012 Conference will address the sustainability of agriculture and food supply.  The blog will over the coming year continue to cover developments affecting water quality and supply, developments in energy conservation technology of interest to churches, and will in addition begin devoting attention to the sustainability of agriculture and the food supply to help lay the groundwork for its 2012 Conference on sustainability of agriculture and the food supply.

To subscribe to the blog, please visit:  http://www.caringforgodscreation.net/blog

To learn more about the Stewardship of Creation Committee, please visit http://www.caringforgodscreation.net/default.asp)

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